ScottyKV – Passport

The talented hip-hop artist is about to release an explosive new single, “Passport”

ScottyKV is a rap artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. His unique blend of hip-hop feels modern and direct, yet organic and gritty, combining the amazing feel of old school rap, with the edgy twist of modern day rap releases.

Having been active on the music scene since he was only 15, ScottyKV knows a thing or two about what it is like to craft excellent tracks.

Recently, ScottyKV set out to hit the studio to create an exciting new single titled “Passport”, which is currently available on Youtube and other digital platforms. The sound is a fantastic combination of old school rap, with an upbeat feel and a funk-inspired groove, that adds movement and feel to the entire track. ScottyKV immediately stands out for his outstanding lyrical grow. He is an artist with something to say, and his tracks are not only about cool instrumental hooks, but also about forward-thinking rhymes that feel witty, clever and direct.