Scotti Fraser – Count the Cost

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Count the Cost’ by Scotti Fraser

Scotti Fraser is back with another banger of a release, Count the Cost, which chronicles the hard road from despair to hope through thought provoking lyrics and hard rocking guitar riffing. Scotti offers positivity to listeners who will find it hard not to sing along to the catchy hook chorus, “one day we’ll count the cost to find that what we gained is more than what we lost.” Speaking from his personal hardship experiences as a Marine Corps Veteran, Scotti’s harmonically rich voice and heavy guitar melodies stand as a testament for strength through the power of music. Count the Cost, is a show of the resilient spirit of Rock N’ Roll.
With one foot in LA and the other in Nashville, this Texas rocker provides something sonically for everyone. Count the Cost, is available on all streaming services worldwide now.