Scott Linker – The Dating Game

Scott Linker introducing new song: The Dating Game

Scott Linker is a prime example of a singer and songwriter who doesn’t want to get stuck doing the same things. Based out of Las Vegas, Scott has an amazing taste in guitars…and records! He has a very eclectic taste for music, and his discography is an expression of his passion and influences. His most recent release, “The Dating Game,” is an example of this mercurial sonic philosophy. The track features some lush synth tones, reminiscent of the 80s and late 70s experimental electro-pop. However, the main core of the song is built upon a melodic acoustic guitar rhythm, with Scott’s expressive vocals soaring through the mix. The song is about the hurdles of dating in the modern world, and how it’s not always easy to connect with people, even when we live in the age of information and social media.

As a life-long entertainer (with a background in circus performance,) Scott has a natural gift for making people smile and connect with them on a deeper level.

Fans of artists as diverse as Procol Harum, The Beatles, or Depeche Mode, are definitely going to be able to connect with this remarkable performer.

Find out more about Scott Linker, and don’t miss out on the song, which is currently available online