Scott Linker – Stranger Than Any Stranger

Scott Linker announcing brand new single, “Stranger Than Any Stranger.”

Scott Linker has always been a songwriter with a passion for keeping an open mindset. His most recent release, “Stranger Than Any Stranger,” features clever lyrics and a really intriguing arrangement, tipping the hat off to alternative and classic rock alike, with a touch of electronica.

The song kicks in with a soothing blanket of retro-inspired synth sounds, only to delve into a very uplifting beat. Scott’s vocals are melodic and vibrant, often echoing the work of artists like Marc Bolan, The Beatles, or The Kinks, to name a few. His music is rooted in the great rock sound of the past, but it also has a beautifully modern component to it, making the formula all the more enjoyable. “Stranger Than Any Stranger,” is not exactly a dance song per se, but it has a very dance-friendly vibe, with a strong focus on capturing the huge dynamics of the artist’s sound.

Fans of Ty Segall, Mac De Marco, and David Bowie shouldn’t pass up on this one.

The song is currently available on YouTube