Scott Linker – Old Cars When They Talk

Scott Linker: The Las Vegas artist is back on the scene with a new single, “Old Cars When They Talk.”

Scott Linker is a singer and songwriter based in Las Vegas, Nevada. His music is very kaleidoscopic, often embodying influences from a wide variety of genres. From alternative rock, to old-school rock and even hints of New Wave and Americana, anything goes! His most recent single release stands as a true testament to the artist’s mercurial sound and eclectic vision.

This new song is titled “Old Cars When They Talk.” As the name might imply, there is a certain nostalgic vein to this release, which is about reminiscing the good old days, but also looking forward to a more exciting future. In fact, this is a very honest and beautiful double-ended song. On one side of the spectrum, the track holds a very nostalgic element, with its charming retro aesthetics. On the other end, it is a very impactful and energetic song with some catchy vibes that are easy to remember. Much like the engine roar of a timeless vintage car, this song is very dynamic and electrifying, highlighting Scott’s natural ear for heartfelt lyrics that paint vivid images for the audience.

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