Scott Linker – Half Off Chocolate

Scott Linker presents: Half Off Chocolate

A combination of retro-rock influences, with a more modern touch.

February 2021 – Scott Linker is an artist and songwriter based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He recently announced the release of a brand new studio effort named Half Off Chocolate, which stands out as one of his most diverse tracks to date. This new track is a perfect example of his sound and aesthetics, and it sets the bar higher with an outstanding, and one-of-a-kind creative vision.

I would definitely recommend listening to this release if you are a fan of artists as diverse as David Bowie, The Beatles, or Depeche Mode, only to mention a few. This song embodies Scott’s time-tested musicianship, as well as his ability to create music that tells powerful stories and approaches the audience with a unique and uncompromising narrative style, that adds more depth and layer to the music.

Find out more about Scott Linker, and do not miss out on Half Off Chocolate, which is now available on the web’s best digital music streaming platform.