Scott Linker – Franchised De-Flavorizer

Scott Linker announcing new release, “Franchised De-Flavorizer”

Scott Linker is an artist and songwriter who set out to bring so much depth to his sound. His influences range from the 60s to the 80s and everything in between, tipping the hat off to influential performers such as David Bowie or The Beatles. However, there is so much more to his sound, and Scott is able to repurposes timeless inspirations in a more modern way and in a very diverse creative mindset.

His most recent studio release, “Franchised De-Flavorizer” is a neat example of his creative twist. Scott’s hard-edged lyrical delivery, as well as his blend of raw melodies and energetic arrangements goes a long way, telling a powerful story and charging his music with so much focus and passion. The song was the artist’s way of taking a shot at formula lame-stream musak.

Although it has roots in the sounds of the past, “Franchised De-Flavorizer” has a contemporary production aesthetic, which gives a fresh spin on the classic sound. Scott’s melodies are far-reaching and direct, with lyrics that strike for their honesty and directness. The topic deals with believing in happy accidents and discovering the world around us.

Fid out more about Scott Linker, and listen to “Franchised De-Flavorizer,” which is now up on Spotify, as well as other platforms around the web.