Scott Linker – Crazy + Money = Eccentric

“Crazy + Money = Eccentric” introducing a unique new song from artist Scott Linker.

Some people have a lot of money, and some of them happen to be completely crazy as well! However, things are a little difference when wealth comes into play. If you have money, people would think twice before calling you a madman. They’d rather say that you are eccentric indeed. Scott Linker’s new song, “Crazy + Money = Eccentric,” actually deals with this theme.

Most of the best success stories and inspirational moments in history actually come from ideas that would easily be perceived as crazy. From Christopher Columbus to Steve Jobs, a lot of people in history have been called insane, before they actually succeeded! Scott Linker’s new song is a tribute to that unique attitude, that indomitable spirit of never giving up on their dreams. In addition to the peculiar topic, the song also has a really diverse tone, inspired by beat pop, 60s music, new wave, and everything in between. Fans of artists such as George Harrison, Depeche Mode and even David Bowie are certainly going to enjoy this amazing release and its compositional perk. Scott is a keen songwriter with a penchant for observing people and their stories. This song is yet another example of his storytelling prowess.

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