Scott Linker – Christmas Train Set

Scott Linker presents: Christmas Train Set

Scott Linker is a rare breed as far as musicians go. In fact, he is so much more than a mere entertainer. Scott wants to reach out to the hearts and minds of the audience, and he loves to tell stories that inspire, amuse, and why not, even make people think about life and its ups and downs. Through his music, he is able to bring some intelligent nuances and personal feelings, but he is also able to bring so much happiness to the listeners. This is exactly what he does on “Christmas Train Set,” a song he has been working on to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Christmas is a really special time, when everything gets more colorful and special, and there is quite an unique focus on being together and cultivating our report with family and friends.

There is quite nothing that’s as magical as the laughter of kids and the warmth of family during Christmas, and the image of a toy train is a testament to that. With this song, Scott captured this amazingly warm feeling to absolute perfection, making for an excellent release to enjoy during your holidays!

Check out “Christmas Train Set,” and find out more about Scott Linker and his wonderful music: