Sarantos – Why Ask Why

Sarantos Releases New Rock Music Video For “Why Ask Why” & John Lennon Makes A Surprise Guest Appearance.

Life’s not easy. Everyone has been at a fork in the road. Decisions are made every day that define our legacy. Some are good, some bad. Though perfection might be the end goal, the reality is everyday life is simple. It never needs to be perfect. It is human nature to complicate it. Sometimes one asks too many questions instead of just living life. There are some things that one can never hope to understand. The struggle is part of the journey but life doesn’t have to be such a distraction. Don’t always ask why!

For this music video, Sarantos is the lead character and is unhappy with life. Why? Will things get better? Will Sarantos ever stop asking why? Will anyone help Sarantos? John Lennon tries to soothe Sarantos soul (because he loves The Beatles) and offers encouragement as a certain fan’s imagination unfolds and the interpretation of the song is suddenly revealed.

“This Tom Petty-like rock song is about life,” says Sarantos. “Of course, it’s about me being sad. I keep trying to figure out my life. I’m always asking and wondering why. Why do bad things keep happening to me? Eventually I do what I love and music helps turn the tide. I meet the love of my life and like a fairy tale ending, all ends well. But life isn’t always like that, not even in the movies anymore, is it? The hidden message in the lyrics is about hope and never stopping. Never give up on life or yourself because your luck can change at any moment, even when you least expect it. If you believe in yourself, eventually someone else will too and when you least expect it, your life can change in a heartbeat! But is it really luck or just perseverance?”