Sanio – Sanoi

Sanio - Sanoi

SANOI drops self-titled debut album, ‘SANOI’

Featuring 7 new original cuts.

German-born, New Zeland-based producer SANOI has shared his 7-track debut album ‘SANOI’ via Uone & Out Of Sort’s Australian imprint Beat & Path. The artist has already given us a sneak preview with the announcement of the first single ‘Castle On The Hill’.

‘In German literary tradition, there’s a type of novel called the bildungsroman. A typical bildungsroman follows a hero’s trajectory from birth to adulthood, charting their scrapes with reality and confrontations with chaos, until they finally emerge – a little scratched and bruised, but holding a hard-won nugget of enlightenment. Sanoi’s new self-titled album is a bildungsroman in deep house form, tracing the artist’s growth and fall from innocence, his confrontation with reality and eventual reconciliation with the vastness of the universe.’, can be read on the press release for ‘SANOI’.

Sanoi’s ‘SANOI’ album is out now, via Beat & Path. Listen below and grab your copy