Sallok – Around Me

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Around Me’ by Sallok

My Name is Sal AKA Sallok.
I was born on the chaotic island of Sicily and began to grow with the volcanic
energy of Etna.
My earliest memories of my musical childhood was listening to records with
my Mother, watching in amazement as the vinyl span and threw sounds into
the air like mysterious toys.
From an early age I would sit for hours whilst my Aunt Isabella played piano
and filled the house with scores and sonatas of Chopin and at the age of
eight began my own journey into the world of music hoping to express the
magic of emotion with musical notes.
I have been studying Classic and Jazz Piano since I was 7.
I have always been looking at creating my music style since I was child.
In my early 20’s whilst influenced by my passion for clubbing and the
emotional sample sounds of bands like The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and the Orbital I began
the transition towards composing my own electronic sound which I continue
to renew and improve with great passion.
At the age of 29 I moved to The UK expanding my music to genres like Techno House, Deep
House and Drum & Bass.
Through out the years I have always been able to adapt my music style to reflect current trends
working with very different Vocalists.
In the last 5 years I have been involved with a Music Project of a Music Duo called MITAD . The
Duo was composed by me Sallok as Music Producer and a very young talented singer song writer
called Katherine Downham. She has described our collaboration quoting : “Working with Sal has
been an incredible journey! He is super easy-going and listens to my opinions regarding any
music alterations I may feel are needed. Sal is a great artist, he puts a lot of passion into what he
does. He knows what he wants and is not afraid to highlight important themes through his
Me and Katherine have been signed by a USA Record Label releasing 2 EPS. First EP “Fighting
with Fire” released on the 19th of May 2019 has been successfully supported by the BBC
Introducing Program. Me and Katherine have been invited to the BBC Hertfordshire studios to be
interviewed in a live Radio show.
There is an upcoming new Music Project for Sallok with another super talented Singer song writer
which will be very exciting to becoming something very buzzing through out 2023.
I hope you appreciate my music and enjoy the magic of it.