Sairzy – Devil’s Cup

Sairzy PRESENTS her new single, ‘Devil’s Cup’

A note from Sairzy about, “Devil’s Cup”:
“I wrote this track, after going through all the “feels” of the pandemic and it’s side-effects. From the stresses of lock-downs, the heart-ache of separation from family and friends, to realising the segregation now prevalent in society, more than ever. Along with the bitterness and quarrelling that can be sparked over any minor difference of opinion.

Where is the love?

In a world, driven by fear and confusion, and with the Rapture, I believe, being imminent, people need Jesus!

The words in this song paint a picture of where society stands, and serve as a reminder that we will always need a Saviour… and time is running out.

We are caught up in the distractions of this world, and the devil is loving every minute that our focus is taken off Jesus. But we only need cry out to Him to know His love… a Love like no other… and be saved from it all!

You don’t need a vaccine passport to get to Heaven 🙌🏼❤️ You only need Jesus”