Ronnie Eaton and the Cold, Hard Truth – Darlin, Darlin


Ronnie Eaton and the Cold, Hard Truth – Darlin, Darlin: Ronnie Eaton cut his teeth as a solo acoustic act in the South Plains region of Texas. After releasing his first album, The Moth Complex, this Lubbock native decided it was time to expand his sound as well as his lineup. He teamed up with Byron Mason (bass, vocals), Aaron Dick (keyboard, vocals), and Terry Moore (drums) to create Ronnie Eaton and the Cold, Hard Truth. The band was quickly able to take Ronnie’s poignant songwriting and add colorful layers of musicianship to the compositions. The end result is something that possesses a feeling of accessible grandeur.

Take, for example, the new music video for “Darlin, Darlin.” The lead single from the new album Killer In The Choir (Spectra Entertainment) is a song that could easily be stripped down and be performed at coffeehouses and open mics across the country. It’s straightforward, masterfully constructed, and most importantly, unabashedly honest. Once it is put in the hands of the Cold, Hard Truth it is brought to life even more. The subtly of the brushed percussion, a less-is-more guitar solo, and a gorgeous piano line soaring over the top all come together to take this already tasty dish to a new level of appetizing.

“Darlin, Darlin” tugs at the heart strings in a subtle, unique way. The video finds Ronnie meandering through a Lubbock, TX antique store. He’s surrounded on all sides by items seeped in the past and with their own unique story to tell.