Rogie – he knows that i’m heather!

Rogie - he knows that i’m heather!

Watch out for Rogie’s brand new release: “he knows that i’m heather!”

November 2020 – Rogie is a pop recording artist based in The Bronx, NYC. Rogie has a distinctive style, which combines some of the rawness of the East Coast style of melody, with somewhat of a more modern flair to it. What makes the act quite special is the fact that Rogie puts up different personas in order to create a truly immersive experience for the listeners.

Rogie’s most recent single, “he knows that i’m heather!” is a captivating taste of the artists personality and ability to set the bar higher with some amazing music. The production is on-point, and the song’s style is truly astonishing. Find out more and check it out. This NYC artist is definitely onto something special here, so we can’t wait to see what the future will bring to the table for Rogie’s career and growing fan-base.

Find out more about Rogie, and check out “he knows that i’m heather!” which is currently available on Spotify and other music streaming platforms on the Internet.