Roger Jaeger – Start Over

Roger Jaeger – Start Over:

Blending his knack for striking a balance of pop rock radio and out of the box, creative instrumentation, Roger Jaeger has quickly established himself as an inspiring and refreshing artist. The Oklahoma native’s third album, Start Over, reflects the sentiments and convictions Roger has gathered along his personal journey of discovery.

Perhaps most formative was the time he spent living abroad in India. While there he fell in love with the sitar and developed a strong devotion and passion for the country, its people, and its culture. From there he began infusing his modern Coldplay-esque sound with eastern influences and the unmistakeable sound of the sitar.

Fans and industry alike are taking notice as well. In 2016 Roger signed 15 sync licenses with major television networks like Discovery, MTV, and NASCAR. 2017 has Roger hitting the road in support of Start Over including a Texas tour in March as well as a tour of California. We could carry on about the praise surrounding Roger Jaeger, but what really matters is letting the music videos do the talking!

On the video for “Start Over,” Roger treats viewers to his love of the sitar and his ability to take the exotic instrument into the mainstream. The wintery clip finds Roger feverishly chasing down an elusive girl throughout an abandoned apartment building. Whether she’s a real person or just a vivid memory, Roger’s determination to set things right is clear. His cathartic dismantling of the room around him is a stark reminder that sometimes it needs to all be torn down in order to build it up again. Amongst it all Roger treats viewers to an exquisite solo on his beloved sitar, which really sets this clip apart from its peers!