Rocco Bene (feat. Tania Doko) – Andiamo

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Andiamo’ by Rocco Bene (feat. Tania Doko)

Rocco Bene has come a long way since performing as one half of Boy band duo GEMINI (Warner Music Australia). Rocco is embracing his love of all things 90’s with a cover of Natalie Imbruglia’s smash hit ‘Torn.’

Over the last ten years, Rocco’s music career has really taken off, with a series of successful releases and TV appearances. He even served as a judge on Channel 7’s ‘All Together Now.’

Rocco’s cover versions of Madonna’s “Lucky Star” and Australian artist, Wendy Matthews’ “The Day You Went Away” have earned him widespread praise and support from Dj’s and radio stations around the world.

It’s not just his covers that have garnered attention, Rocco’s original releases including “Have the Faith,” “Empty,”, “In My Shoes,” and most recently, Rocco hit #1 on the iTunes dance charts with his latest release, “Andiamo [Let’s Go],” featuring Tania Doko. This is a huge achievement and a testament to Rocco’s hard work and dedication to his craft, shows his unique talent and style, earning him a loyal fanbase.

Out April 17