Rick Sazon – Unconquered

Rick Sazon dropping a new release: Unconquered.

Rick Sazon is an artist from Canada. His music combines a huger range of influences, channeling the timeless feel of indie rock with classic influences, such as The Beatles, or The Who, among others. As a result, the sound of Rick’s music is a perfect combination of unique ideas, bridging the gaps between the modern era and the golden age of rock music.

This is definitely a must if you enjoy the sound of artists such as Local Natives, Dead Rituals, Neil Young, as well as Pink Floyd, only to mention but a few. The introduction of the song has a bit of a folk-y vibe, but the scorching electric guitar lead immediately brings a rocking edge to the energy. Rick’s vocals are the cherry on top – his style has melody, but also grit and energy, reminiscent of some of the best 60s and 70s rock singer with his spontaneous and unapologetic delivery. His voice has an element of depth that is reminiscent of early Deep Purple or Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett era)

Find out more about Rick Sazon, and check out this release below: