Rhonda Head – Habanera

Rhonda Head is back on the scene with a new single: Habanera

June 2021 – Rhonda Head is the kind of artist whose music is perhaps a lot more than what you might imagine at a first glance. If you take only a superficial look at this artist, you might make the assumption that you can immediately guess what she plays, and how she would sound like. However, if you actually take a deeper dive into her music, particularly her new release, Habanera, you’ll be utterly surprised. The fact of the matter is that Rhonda Head is definitely not your average musician. While her sound is definitely inspired by this genre as a primary source of influence, there is so much more going on. Habanera features hints of classical music and electronic music, combined to spice up the mix, allowing Rhonda Head to really stretch the boundaries of her creativity, going for a stark and dynamic sonic vision.

Ultimately, Habanera screams authenticity, and it feels like a really perfect introduction to the sound and feel of this talented recording artist.

Find out more about Rhonda Head, and do not miss out on Habanera, which is currently available on the web’s best digital music streaming platforms.