REMZ – Leave It Behind

REMZ introducing brand new single: “Leave It Behind.”

REMZ is an artist and songwriter from Lima, Peru. His music could be described as a blend of Indie, rock and pop – setting the bar higher in terms of creativity and vision.

Recently, the artist released a brand new single titled “Leave It Behind.”

On this song, REMZ demonstrates what a rich musical language he has developed and how fluent they’ve become in it, bleeding so many different styles and ideas to create something that’s distinctively his vibe.

Fans of artists such as Imagine Dragons, John Mayer, and The 1975 will definitely connect with this song, and its astonishing production value. The song kicks in with a beautiful piano melody, paving the way to a lush electro-pop soundscape. The vocal tracks are lush and melodic, echoing the work of artists like AVICII, only to mention one. The song has a killer drop and a uniquely diverse feel, giving so much variety to the track, with its wall of synths and huge drum tones.

Find out more about REMZ, and listen to “Leave It Behind,” on Spotify.