Recklous – Blackout (Prod. AQ1NOTX)

Recklous - Blackout (Prod. AQ1NOTX)

ArtistRack brings to you Recklous and his single ‘Blackout’ (Prod. AQ1NOTX)

Santa Cruz, California – May 12, 2017 – Once summer rolls around it’s going to be nonstop of for California’s own Recklous. He’ll drop his first of many records once the heat hits.
Following that it’s nothing but more music, shows and hitting the pavement.

Showcasing a realness in his rhymes, Recklous is nothing but honest on his debut. A recovering addict, he found his voice freestyling as a teen. Overcoming the odds he pushed through all the negativity and rose above to create music that embodies intellectualism, a sense of unity and a bit of rock. He believes in the original rap, that old school feel. Not the current styles that have crowded up the scene. He notes, “Real rap is forever, Mumble rap is just a novelty phase.” He proves just that with his single, “One Day,” available for streaming and download now.

Wanting to reshape the direction hip hop has been heading in the past few years, he hopes to do so with his upcoming debut EP. Due out this summer it’ll be the first of many from the Santa Cruz rapper. Come the fall he’ll drop two more EPs before going global come the new year. The long term plan is to have another album out by 2019. In between then and now he’ll be booking showcases and festivals throughout California, and across the U.S.

Recklous is an emcee from Santa Cruz who has been to the bottom and managed to reach the top again. He’s overcome a variety of things in his life, including drug addiction, and now he’s ready to release his debut in summer 2017.