Rebecca Jed – Cowboy Up

Rebecca Jed - Cowboy Up

Don’t miss out on Rebecca Jed’s 2018 country album, “Cowboy Up”.

On her 2018 album, Cowboy Up, Rebecca Jed dove deeper into country and pop to create some truly memorable songs.

The album has some amazing vocal performances and some equally striking instrumental, and what stands out about this release is Rebecca’s attention to detail and her distinctive creative flair. It would take multiple listens to soak in the nuance and layers of this rich album release, as each song brings something quite special to the table. On top of this, the production is nicely balanced, so that none of the elements in the songs are competing for space. “Cowboy Up” is a full-rounded album that highlights Rebecca’s versatility and unique musical identity. Each song on this album is more than just a musical moment. It is a story that’s waiting to be told. There is a natural storytelling component to Rebecca’s music, making for a truly incredible feel and a one-of-a-kind vibe that keeps it all alive and relevant, with songs that remain fresh and catchy.

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