Raevin – Memories (Alive but Dead)

Raevin - Memories (Alive but Dead)

Raevin – Memories (Alive but Dead):

The song Memories was inspired by the days when we were young and we didn’t have any problems that we knew about. Our childhood was filled with happiness and a stress free life and when we look back today we remember all the memories and what we took for granted at the time. This song is a walk down memory lane.

This song relates to our EP Alive but Dead which is about walking through the steps of everyday. Some days are amazing and we feel alive. Others bring us down whether it’s from our own situations, the drama around us, or our memories. And some days we are just walking with a fake smile; Alive on the outside and Dead on the inside. As you listen to the EP you can feel the emotion from happiness to sadness and at the end find the one thing that is able to settle down the tides from both sides.

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