Rachael Coltrona – Notting Hill

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Notting Hill’ by Rachael Coltrona

Inspired by a favourite rom-com movie Notting Hill (1999), and her own break-up with a guy she had met in London, Rachael Coltrona finds herself in Notting Hill, and in a situation of ‘life imitating art’, like the movie’s character Anna Scott (played by Julia Roberts), she finds herself asking the question in this hit song, ‘should I stay, or should I let him go?’.
Knowing she had to fly home the next day, and standing outside of the Notting Hill bookshop, the decision of whether to extend her stay to see where things could go, created the inspiration for the song.

The lyrics revolve around where a relationship is going, and make you question ‘are you just wasting time, waiting for someone to love you back?’.
Filming of the music video took place in the very same Notting Hill bookshop as featured in the film, with surrounding areas, including the picturesque Portobello Road Markets, with many other nods and easter eggs to the movie.

This pop sensation is produced by dynamic pop producers, Cressbrook..