R.u.D.e – The Most

R.u.D.e announcing new release, ‘The Most.’

R.u.D.e is a distinctive rap duo consisting of artist/producer Traac and artist/songwriter Asaad The Artiz. The pair joined forces in order to create something unique and unapologetic, bringing a whole new creative perspective to their sound.

Recently, R.u.D.e announced the release of a brand new single, “The Most,” which also comes in the form of an astonishing music video, bringing a perfect visual complement to this track. The song kicks off with sample based intro, with that old-school vinyl warmth. However, it soon turns into a darker and edgier modern rap beat. There is a very distinctive vibe pervading this record, and it really does highlight the pair’s chemistry and unique production aesthetics. The vocals in particular have a grittier, darker tone which suits the mood of this release perfectly. The hooks are memorable and layered, with some cool harmonies and pitch-shifting effects bringing more excitement to the mix.

Find out more about R.u.D.e and do not miss out on “The Most,” which is now available on the web.