Priz Em – Heartless

Priz Em goes from fantasy to virtual reality with the new synth-pop single and video Heartless.

The heroine of a sci-fi tale of intergalactic warfare and romance, Priz Em appears in the graphic novels of Mega Centarri I, II and III — and now makes the leap from page to screen to video with Heartless, which fuses musical echoes of the ’80s and ’90s added to Priz Em’s husky vocals. Bringing Priz Em to musical life are producers and musicians Steve Smith and Anthony Anderson of SA TrackWorks, vocalist Kat Szutyanyi and songwriters Bruce Irvine, Merlin Rhys Jones, Jack Gunderson and Kathy Irvine.
With the video for Heartless, Priz Em is at the forefront of a new era in artist creation. She is the dream, willed into reality by her creators. While the concept of a virtual musician is not new, completely designing an entity from scratch is a testament to the sheer level of commitment by her developers. The Mega Centarri universe chronicled in graphic novels is currently hosted by Kindle/Amazon.