Priz Em – Heartless

Priz Em presents: Heartless

Priz Em is more than just an artist: This musical creation is a true virtual diva, who really charms every person who gets to listen to her sultry vocals and silky-smooth melodic flow.

Although she comes from a fantasy world and there is a lot of imagination going into her sound, she can seamlessly connect with the audience through emotions that are incredibly real and personal.

The lush edge of the instrumental might remind you of artists such as U2 or Coldplay, although the vocals by Priz have an incredibly modern edge, reminiscent of some of the biggest superstars in modern music.

The chorus is totally irresistible, with a melody that immediately lifts the who arrangement, bringing so much life and focus to the song as a whole. Priz has a vocal style that feels sultry and powerful, yet delicate and soothing, giving the song a bittersweet sound.

You should definitely give this one a go if you are a fan of artists as diverse as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Ariana Grande, only to mention but a few

Find out more about Priz Em, and do not miss out on “Heartless.” This release is currently available one the web.


About Artist:

Priz Em virtual Diva was created to captivate all who witness her. Her sultry blend of husky tones and catchy tracks will move both your spirit and your feet.

Priz Em comes to us from the fantasy world, of Mega Centarri; even though she is from a world of fantasy her voice and music are very real.

The creative team behind Priz Em’s music are veteran songwriters: Bruce Irvine, Merlin Rhys Jones, Jack Gunderson, and Kathy Irvine. Her music is produced and recorded by Canadian legendary producers and musicians: Anthony Anderson and Steve Smith of SA TrackWorks. The Mega Centarri website showcase’s
Priz Em’s world and her music in-ear and eye-catching detail

Her debut music video for the song “Heartless” is now on Youtube
Her story is told in the graphic novel Mega Centarri released on Comixology and Crypto Comics