Preetisha Marie – LAX

Preetisha Marie presents the visuals for her new single, ‘LAX’ 

Hey I wrote this song as a poem when I wrote in my journal my wishes and visions three months later they manifested and I visited LAX this came about as a poem turned into a freestyle and never made music or anything I decided to learn record on my phone and then studied YouTube videos and for months and months so this song Resulted from a spiritual awakening and I show the duality in this song on the good and the bad situation now I see the light in the dark this is originally a sade uplifting beat type of song but I chopped it for the streets I showed the duality I followed the signs I always had love for the chopped and screwed and my producer lucky genius happened to be from Texas so I ask him to screw it I then made my own visual by collecting my footage from my trip and I put this together thank you ❤️🙏🏽