Prada Gino – Catch A Vibe

Prada Gino Introducing Brand New Release: Catch A Vibe.

Prada Gino is an artist and songwriter based in Chicago, IL. The Windy City performer recently announced the long-awaited release of a brand new song titled “Catch A Vibe.” This one is quite a milestone for the artist, who has been soaring like a rising star in the music scene, due to his work as a creative songwriter and composer.

He has been working with the NBA, as well as creating music for high-profile projects, including video game soundtracks, as well as television shows, and more. In addition to that, Prada Gino also works on his own music and he recently started working on a new EP, which will actually mark his official debut as a solo artist.

His first single, “Catch A Vibe” is an amazing first sneak peek into the world of the artist, as well as an indication of what listeners can expect from his debut EP project. Prada Gino is aiming high with this one. He is aware that first impressions matter, and he is determined to leave a huge mark on the music community with his first release as a solo performer. For this reason, he filled these songs with love and positivity!