Policy – Reality feat. Tina Shest

Policy introducing his brand new song : Reality (featuring Tina Shest)

August 2020 – Policy is an artist and producer with a focus on creating distinctive electronic tracks. Influences range from dark and industrial sounds like Nine Inch Nails, down to synth-pop and new wave revival vibes, echoing the work of artists such as Odesza and Chvrches, only to mention but a few.

Recently, Policy teamed up with singer Tina Shest in order to collaborate on a brand new single titled “Reality.” The song is featured on the full-length album “Echo Chamber,” and it is undoubtedly one of it’s highlights. The quality of the production is stellar, and Tina’s heartfelt vocals match the haunting, atmospheric electronic instrumentation to perfection.

The synth melodies are relatively sparse but also quite rich and dynamics. The vocals are warm, but also bright, cutting through the mix in a very effortless way. What I love about this song is that it is incredibly catchy, but it also sets the bar higher with some old-school vibes, lending a sense of depth to the sound.

Find out more about Policy, and check out “Reality,” which is also featured on the artist’s full-length studio album, Echo Chambers.”