Plhus1 – John Cena

Plhus1 – John Cena:

There’s Super Hero’s & There’s Super Villains…Plhus1 Is Cool With Just Being Super.

Plhus1 is a Hip-Hop artist raised in East Flatbush Brooklyn. He was raised by a mother with Native American blood and a father from Alabama who’s ancestors helped Harriet Tubman
build the Underground Railroad. So it’s clear that the struggle is in his genes but with that he also possesses the ability to overcome it. Plhus1 finished a project last year titled “Draft Night” which was released June 22nd the day of the 2017 NBA Draft.

The “Draft Night” Mixtape features13 original tracks. Unfortunately Plhus1 was injured last year and it hindered his progress a little. However he is no stranger to struggle. Now that Plhus1 is able to fully perform he is focused on making an impact in the music industry.

Plhus1 is releasing another mixtape and his first EP titled “The Night King”, later this year. While Plhus1 works on the project he has put out the first single “John Cena” produced by Young ForeverBeats which is available on all digital music sites & the music video directed by _dassit is currently available on YouTube. Plhus1 tells his life story through his music so it’s always up to date and fresh. Get to know Plhus1 through his artistry, he has come a long way from traping to survive in the streets of Brooklyn