Pinstripe – Everglow

Pinstripe just released a fantastic new release: “Everglow”

March 2021 – Pinstripe is a band from Albany, Western Australia. They developed a warm, personal sound, which consists of a blend of various influences. Their music reminds of the energy of alternative rock and the impact of other influences that take the music to a more personal level, exploring other groundbreaking creative ideas.

Pinstripe has been quite busy recording new stuff, and they recently came up with a new release titled “Everglow.” This song has a dark twist to it, but it is also quite melodic, with a catchy side to it. This song highlights the artist’s dedication to creating quality music, and it stands out due to its consistency and quality production. If you like artists such as Linkin Park, Dead Rituals, and Staind, you are going to connect with this amazing song. Pinstripe seems to be comfortable getting creative and thinking outside the box, and this is exactly why this release is so special and forward-thinking.

Find out more about Pinstripe, and do not miss out on “Everglow.” This release is currently available on Spotify, as well as other digital music streaming services on the web.