Philip Cristancho – Como Un Colombiano

Philip Cristancho introducing new release, “Como Un Colombiano”

Some artists put meaning first, they are seamlessly able to transcend cultural barriers and deal with very top provoking topics, sharing their feelings with a large international audience, in spite of language barriers another limitations. This is definitely the case with Philip Cristancho, a singer and songwriter based in Chicago. He is actually bilingual, and loves to sing in English and Spanish alike, inspired by the music and culture of Colombia.

Philip writes a heartfelt and memorable song, which combine deeply thoughtful lyrics with a stark energetic overtone, often echoing the work of iconic songwriters such as John Lennon, Bob Geldorf or Ana Gabriel, just to mention a few. Recently, Philip set out to announce a brand new release titled  “Como Un Colombiano,” which translates to “Like A Colombian.”

This song combines Philip’s personal lyrics with the groundbreaking energy of rock, making for a spectacularly unique tone.