Artistrack brings to you ‘The Rhythms Soul’ by Phamily Rootz Inspyred

An Eclectic Mix Of Dance, R&B, And Rhythm Soul: Phamily Rootz Inspyred Releases A Hit New Single.

The brother and sister dynamic duo use their musical talents to help enthuse audiences of all ages- their sole motivator becomes the need to spread contentment and joy. “The Mark-Alan Alphabet Song” is an example of this kind of music an honorable children’s song that works to promote childhood language and literacy. This single is the first step in producing a super buzz in the music and movie industry breaking Phamily Rootz InSpYred as a new musical family recording artist to the global community.

Saraswati (Sarah-Swat-Tay) and Mark-Allan emphatically proclaim, “Music is an art that expresses the human experience, and we plan to continue to create, write, perform, and produce music in various genres, films, TV shows, and children’s educational and entertainment platforms”. Thus, “The Rhythms’ Soul” is a song that listeners will dance.