Peace Theory – Spaghetti Western (Peace Theory EP)

Peace Theory - Spaghetti Western (Peace Theory EP)

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Spaghetti Western’ by Peace Theory taken from the ‘Peace Theory’ EP:

Based in San Antonio Texas, Peace Theory’s sound is rooted in hard rock arrangements that feature eclectic (and sometimes unconventional) departures into elements of jazz, funk, and heavy metal complimented with melodic voicing from bass, guitar and vocals alike.

Band leader, bassist and vocalist Ron Palos is a UTSA Fine Arts graduate (2017), employing his multi-disciplinary abilities toward curating the look, feel, and sound of Peace Theory. Drummer Pedro Cantu is a father of two, coming from a family of drummers known for hard rock, latin-jazz and tejano percussion. Recent addition Alex Cabrera fills out the role former guitarist (and younger brother) Victor Palos brought to Peace Theory, combining math rock sensibilities with acoustic, latin-jazz rhythms.