Paun16th – Salutè

Paun16th - Salutè

Paun16th introducing a new album release: Salutè

August 2021 – Paun16th is brand new to the music industry, but he is definitely no stranger when it comes to creating great tracks. In fact, he has been at it for the past 13 years, acquiring a wealth of skills and creative excellence in the process! His most recent studio release is titled Salutè, and it highlights the artist’s instrumental skills and variety of sound. The album features seven studio track, including the stellar opener “Redds Garage,” which combines funk and fusion vibes with an electronic hip-hop beat. The song “Sicilian Man” is one of the highlights of this release, with its punchy snare drum and unique atmospheric backdrops. However, “808 & Aruba” is another favorite, a true banger with some of the heaviest bass patterns on this entire release and an irresistible syncopated beat that is going to driven anyone to the dance floor. It’s impossible not to want to move to this one! 

Find out more about Paun16th, and do not miss out on Salutè, which is now available on every major streaming platform out there!