Pardis – I Am the Mountain

Pardis excited to drop the visuals for her new single, ‘I Am the Mountain’

Pardis is a multi-dimensional, Iranian-American artist whose work is intended to uplift and inspire, as well as encourage others to liberate their own creative genius. Whatever the expression or offering, her vibe is captivating and nourishing. Lush frequencies of light. Soulful songs of remembrance that slap. Her sound is experimental, true and sensual. Pardis aims to create sunlit moments to pull the listener/viewer into a divine state of being. She is an instrument of melodies from a familiar, ancient future. A woman of middle-eastern lineage and daughter of immigrants, she shares her voice for those whose expressions have been made wrong and their creativity stifled.

“I Am the Mountain” is a song of freedom. A song of remembrance. A song of empowerment. This idea was born in Morocco, where Pardis & VFerg first met a mere year ago. That union was divinely blessed and seems to be very fruitful.. (Much more music to come.) This track is here to remind us all of the power and beauty that resides within, as well as make the space between where we’re at and where we’re headed a little more enjoyable and exciting.