Paolo Preite – A Star in the Sky

Paolo Preite presents the official video for, ‘A Star in the Sky’

Based out of Zagarolo, Italy, 36 year old Paolo Preite has just released his latest album, “Fishing for the Dead”. Combining his signature pop/rock songwriting style this time around with the creative genius of the likes of Kenny Aronoff, Fernando Saunders, Jane Scarpantoni, Chip Crawford, & Micheal Jerome, this third album is a statement piece for our time. Dealing with grief and loss, the pandemic, and even racism, it is a tribute to the human triumph over these relevant issues while not demeaning any one of them.
The single “A Star in the Sky” is dedicated to Paolo’s dear friend Stefano who passed away, and the emotions expressed are raw, deep and hopeful. It’s a beautiful track we can all relate to, about how friendships can affect us over the course of our lives and how we deal with that once the person is gone.
If you are a fan of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Bruce Springsteen, Queen or Roger Waters, then you will enjoy the sound and gravitas that “Fishing for the Dead” brings to all our lived experiences.