Overture – World Beyond

Overture drop their new release, ‘World Beyond’

Hello Overlords of Overture! “World Beyond” is live on Spotify! This is our second album and is a major progression and the perfect segue to our upcoming early 2022 yet to be titled album. Please add us your playlist and share with all your friends.

A little history about our album World Beyond:
We are IMMENSELY proud of what we accomplished with this album. We feel that this album is absolutely unique (pictures on our website of the recording process). We recorded this in our rehearsal band house. Our signer is a trained recording engineer (Recording Workshop), so we took advantage of that. Yes this album is 100% analog – non digital and was recorded on a 8 track reel to reel (tape) with a 12 channel studio mixer in a makeshift control room. This album was recorded in a few weeks. We often talk about how special the experience was and how proud we were with the final product. We hope you enjoyed this history about World Beyond and also our music. Our website, Facebook and Instagram sites have a lot more detail the recording of this song and our album. Keep on rocking Overlords!!!