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The God Bombs – Dead Stars

The God Bombs present, 'Dead Stars' The new single from the God Bombs https://open.spotify.com/track/5lcDwROtofSk30cLUsn6CH?si=b3ee345f7f8b4fb3

Overture – Life

Overture presenting new song, 'Life' Overture is a Progressive, Melodic Rock Band, founded in 1993. Overture has two album releases Overture-Painted Pictures, & World Beyond...

Overture – Struggle Within

Overture presenting their new song, 'Struggle Within' Overture is a Progressive Melodic Rock Band. Struggle Within is a song about false profits pretending to be...

City Weezle – Fair Game

City Weezle drop their new single, 'Fair Game' https://open.spotify.com/track/3nr51Tb5nMGXGfGwqAK5lf?si=KiEUmwcwRn-NyvXdG5taHQ&utm_source=copy-link

Overture – World Beyond

Overture drop their new release, 'World Beyond' Hello Overlords of Overture! "World Beyond" is live on Spotify! This is our second album and is a...

Overture – Wake Up (Painted Pictures)

"Wake Up" is from Overtures first album "Painted Pictures". This song is a band favorite. The album is the first album release from the...

Overture – Last Time

Overture presenting their new release, 'Last Time' Overture is a Progressive, Melodic Rock band. Overture has multiple albums "Painted Pictures" and the featured song is...

God Bombs – God Is A Dominatrix

God Bombs presenting their new single: God Is A Dominatrix https://open.spotify.com/track/519PNCypzZ1USwEyEU6TpW?si=c3c1fa732bb842f7

Falcon176 – Siren of the Woods

Falcon176 PRESENTS: Siren of the Woods This is a cover song of an old Therion track called "Siren of the Woods" and it's considered symphonic...

Defective Monk – Trenches of Evil

Just in time for the spooky, evil, tricks or treats for Hallows Eve and Day of The Celebrations...! Defective Monk is releasing His latest single...


KayLoe - OMG

KayLoe – OMG

KayLoe drops his new single 'OMG' Okolo Emmanuel Kenechukwu better known as KayLoe, born in 2003, in the heartlands of Enugu, Nigeria. Started song writing...
Luh Munee Kashe - Savage

Luh Munee Kashe – Savage

Luh Munee Kashe presents her new single, Savage' Luh Munee Kashe is a new upcoming female rap artist. The song Savage represents a strong female...
Sean Kelley - You Me And This Beer

Sean Kelley – You Me And This Beer

Sean Kelley presents: You Me And This Beer. January 2022 - Sean Kelley is an artist based in Granada Hills, Ca. His sound could be...
Professor Lisa Clayton - Destiny

Professor Lisa Clayton – Destiny

Professor Lisa Clayton PRESENTS 'Destiny' Professor Lisa Clayton PRESENTS 'Destiny'   DJ Spen & DJ Fella Present Professor Lisa Clayton “Destiny” Produced and Arranged by DJ Fella and Lisa Clayton Written...
Scott Linker - Ninth Island Chill (Shaloha)

Scott Linker – Ninth Island Chill (Shaloha)

Scott Linker presents: Ninth Island Chill taken off his full album Shaloha January 2022 - One of the many perks of Scott Linker’s work as...
Julia Still - Side Chick

Julia Still – Side Chick

Side Chick is Julia's current radio single. Check it out here https://open.spotify.com/track/2tw38ais2dLMdtJ5nzOw2g?si=3336d5ab65d54dbb PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER
Mingo The Poet - Zoned out

Mingo The Poet – Zoned out

Mingo The Poet drops his new single, 'Zoned out' https://open.spotify.com/track/5aJlXYDEy2zzEsEVpvFHGJ?si=c7e9501e48574f19
Shanii22 - 3ndi Opus

Shanii22 – 3ndi Opus

Shanii22 announces the release of new single, '3ndi Opus' https://open.spotify.com/track/6IExzFBO7KFw4Du5mX1UwN?si=ecde4c9b15df457c
Simon Marwood - Just another country night

Simon Marwood – Just another country night

Simon Marwood drops his new single, 'Just another country night' https://open.spotify.com/track/4Aaq9fb4qKNUgh9t2Zj8VP?si=ff5dba21dfc94588
SHELLON - Wicked Christmas 2

SHELLON – Wicked Christmas 2

SHELLON presents his new song, 'Wicked Christmas 2' SHELLON - Rap Artist From: Bronx , NY Song: Wicked Christmas 2 Christmas is over but that doesn't mean you...

BRANLAND – We All Know You Don’t Know

"We All Know You Don't Know" is the newest track by Spook-Rock artist BRANLAND. "It is sort of a personal fuck you song to someone...
Dean & Rich - Find Your Way

Dean & Rich – Find Your Way

Dean & Rich presenting their single, 'Find Your Way' Find Your Way is a song about transitioning to a new part of a person’s life....

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