Oliver Laughton – Silver Shoe – (Original)

Oliver Laughton – Silver Shoe – (Original):

Oliver Laughton has performed alongside the late, great Amy Winehouse, and the likes of Ed Sheeran among others. Oliver Laughton’ songs have been described as direct, catchy and appealing with hook-laden choruses that inhabit your head for days! Check out this powerful recording of one of his most popular songs “Silver Shoe” that was nominated for four awards.

Performing everywhere including a totally random set at the park side stage at Glastonbury, to the infamous main stage of the ‘Viper Room’ on L.A’s Sunset Boulevard, Oliver Laughton has carved out a phenomenal reputation as a performer whose songs take the audience on an entire journey through his unique life experiences.

Oliver Laughton proves that one man and a six string guitar is all it takes to entertain the masses in today’s digital & fast moving times.