Octolab – Better be safe than sorry

‘Better be safe than sorry’ by ‘Octolab’ is directed by Jonas Wolcher it’s no three out of five in the pentalogy “TO BE CONTINUED”.

Octolab consist of Arielle Andersson and Fredrik Lundvall Kindsäter who also play the cenobites in all 5 videos.

It’s about the story of the female alien trying to escape the cenobites lurking in the shadows of the spaceship buried deep into a well guarded by soldiers.

The song is taken from their upcoming album “TO BE CONTINUED”. The video has a 2.35:1 ratio (Cinemascope) and contains many elements from the classic Italian horror movies. I used many different layers, transitions and more than 150 digital effects. DoP David Eric Nilsson Starring Ida Karolin Johansson, Emelie Andersson, Malte Aronsson, Olivia Lansinger, Krister Brandling, Jonas Norman and more. There were almost 15 extras in the video and was shot in Lysekil, Sweden from 10/21-10/22 2017.

– I’ve always loved Italian horror and Clive Barkers “Hellraiser”. I wanted “Better be safe than sorry” to be like a something taken from a horror movie and at the same time a dark gothic horror story but this time the twist is. It ends with a cliffhanger – Jonas Wolcher Next video in the pentalogy with Octolab will be “ARTE” or “A reason to erase”.