NuJ4X – Dab (On Dem Haterz)

NuJ4X launches brand new Music Video for his Debut Single

NuJ4X is an electronic dance music producer and DJ hailing from Nashville, TN. He has a diverse musical background and a diverse production style, which allow him to explore sounds such as house, tech, deep, proper and many more.

His productions are world-class in terms of sound and tone, but his songs are never about taking himself too seriously: dance music should not only be fun for the audience, but for the artist too! With such a bright and positive attitude, NuJ4X brings on a cool masked stage persona, and really engages with his audience to spread good vibes and fresh energy!

Recently, NuJ4X announced the release of another brand new video, accompanying single “Dab (On Dem Haterz).” The track is a great combination of hip-hop and EDM, echoing the work of artists as diverse as Deadmau5, Aphex Twin or Prodigy, just to name a few.


The journey for NuJ4X started when his 13 year old son showed an interest in becoming a DJ. When asking his oldest son what he wanted to be and his son replying a DJ, he decided that he wanted to show interest in what his son liked. NuJ4X began playing around with music, trying his hand at the craft and he found that he liked it. He was pleased as this would be a better way to bond with his oldest son. Thus, the seed of NuJ4X was planted.

After countless weeks, day, and hours trying to learn how to craft instrumentals, NuJ4X began to find his rhythm. Upon doing so, he created the instrumental beat for “Dab (On Dem Haterz)” and decided he really liked it. Off hand NuJ4X jotted down the lyrics to what would become his debut single. He decided that he liked it so much, that he needed to release it to the masses. After brainstorming, “NuJ4X” was created. Mask, dreads, and all.

Moving forward, as NuJ4X spends time perfecting his craft, he has a lot of really fun songs for everyone to hear. Future singles “Confessions of a Pop Star” which was written for and about Lady Gaga, “Bad Boy” which is a testament to no matter how bad the boys are, the women still desire them, and finally “Big Beats” which is NuJ4X’s ode to music. All of those leading up to his debut album which will be titled”DJ for teh Lulz”. This is an album title derived from NuJ4X poking fun at himself for trying to break all of the rules in the EDM genre and subvert the methods everyone else is using.