Niglevel – Master East

Brooklyn / Queens NY Based Niglevel Drops Latest Single “Master East” – A Must-Hear Release for Old School Hip-Hop Fans

BROOKLYN / QUEENS, NY – Niglevel, the rising star in the hip-hop music scene, has dropped his latest single “Master East” in January 2022. With his unique sound that blends old school hip-hop with modern beats, Niglevel is quickly gaining a reputation for his ability to create music that resonates with fans of all ages.

“Master East” takes inspiration from Niglevel’s artist such as Biggie Smalls, Run DMC, and Method Man. The track features Niglevel’s signature style of hard-hitting beats and thought-provoking lyrics that take listeners on a journey through his own personal experiences.

“I’m a new old school that can create good music for the world to hear,” says Niglevel. “This is the best way I can express my love of music and fans. So I must do my best to give my fans nothing less than brilliance. We need good music now, and the fans deserve it.”

“Master East” showcases Niglevel’s unique voice and storytelling abilities. With his lyrics, Niglevel paints a vivid picture of his life experiences, growing up in Brooklyn and Queens, and how those experiences have shaped him into the artist he is today.

Niglevel’s commitment to excellence shines through in “Master East,” as he sets the bar higher for the hip-hop industry. The single is a must-hear release for anyone who loves old school hip-hop and wants to experience the genre in a fresh, new way.

“Master East” is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

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