Nicole Dash Jones – Deeper

Nicole Dash Jones announces her new single release, ‘Deeper’

An uplifting happy/sad pop/dance track originally written by Nicole on piano working alongside record producer Samuel Hills (Nicole Dash Jones ‘Lego’) to add 80’s synth elements to a sad story by uplifting the overall outcome ‘musically of Nicole’s personal dilemma. The intention with the record was to bring power to sadness by owning it and then dissolving the feeling that came during composition of the track. As a singer/songwriter Nicole delves deep into human emotion on metaphysical levels often cryptic and philosophical which to some degree extends outside of the realm of romance but rather the facts of life and loss and the acceptance of God’s plans whilst finding peace and happiness with the world and the people in it. The chorus suggests love transcends all and if you truly love someone you’ll ultimately feel a spiritualistic connected bond to them for eternity. Nicole experimented with different vocal elements on the record so there is a sad tone but also an empowered ‘badassness’ tinkering on freedom whilst owning herself without any limitations.