Nate Currin – Midnight Train

Nate Currin – Midnight Train: Over his prolific decade long career singer/songwriter Nate Currin has time and time again demonstrated a phenomenal aptitude for penning songs that reflect a deep understanding of our shared human experience. The seasoned road warrior and master storyteller has seen the world, having brought his music to over 20 countries and with that has come a plethora of inspiration – touching on topics that include the inherently complicated nature of love, dreams and relationships, the inevitable briefness of life, the vastness of religion and so much more. As focused and impassioned as he’s ever been and on a mission to connect with his listeners in perhaps the most visceral way to date, the Atlanta, Georgia-based artist is back with a brand new album, The Madman and the Poet and an adrenaline inducing new single, “Midnight Train.”