Natalie Lane – Dating in Los Angeles

Natalie Lane has recently dropped a new EP: “Dating in Los Angeles”

June 2022 – Natalie Lane is an artist from Los Angeles, California. Her music is notable due to the artist’s impeccable ability to try new ideas and load her songs with innovation, fun, and energy. Her most recent release, “Dating in Los Angeles”, stays true to this unique and exciting combination of creative and musical values. This exciting new EP is very personal to Natalie, as it deals with being on the dating scene in LA, which as you might guess, can be quite hectic! The songs are based on experience, and Natalie explores the ins and outs of being a single woman dating in the city of angels. This EP was written for a Hulu original soundtrack, but the songs stand out on their own perfectly.

The sound of “Dating in Los Angeles” features the right balance of pop intensity and singer-songwriter appeal, going for a truly dynamic and surprising sound that will keep the audience on the edge of the seat throughout the duration of the release. All in all, this new studio work is a milestone for Natalie, who went to great lengths to show the world what she’s all about.

Find out more about Natalie Lane, and listen to “Dating in Los Angeles”, which is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming services on the web today.