Nané – This I Know

Nané just released their second single, “This I Know,” an anthem for community and social redemption.

Nané is a talented and diverse band based in Austin, Texas. These musicians are quickly making their way to the top of the music scene, one exciting live show after another. What makes their work so special? The group perfected an infectious blend of R&B, Soul and indie music, going for a groove-driven and warm sound. They recently released a brand new track titled “This I Know.”

The song has an important message, tackling on the topic of social divide, but in such a lighthearted way that truly encourages people to get together and workout their differences. This is a song with a serious topic, but a carefree spirit, urging people to feel free and express themselves on the dance floor. “This I Know” is a wonderful ode to individuality, but also a push for community and freedom. The song tips the hat off to psychedelic music, while also staying true to the group’s soulful roots.

Find out more about Nané and listen to “This I Know,” which is now available on the web.

About Nané

Nané came together in Daniel’s back house (with the sight of a structurally unsound stripper pole that the band assumes will survive until the end of time) and led to the impeccable union of Ian Green (guitar), Scott McIntyre (bass), Brady Knippa (drums), and David Thacker (keys). Called Nané as a term of endearment by his family in the Dominican Republic, Daniel determined the band’s name with a communal approach in mind – when you call him (and his band) Nané, you’re family too.

Dive a bit further into Daniel’s background and you’ll find an absolutely fascinating track record that includes everything from co-founding Rolie Music Group with Gregg Rolie from Journey (yes that journey) to currently managing The Texas Chain Massacre (yes, the film franchise), but Nané reigns supreme for the vocalist. Praised as a “rare unity of great musicians and a talented vocalist with a unique stage presence” by Culture Capital Magazine and receiving cosigns from the likes of Black Pumas, the outfit has made serious inroads that serves as the perfect hype for “This I Know” and a debut album to follow suit in 2020.