Mindcoma – Melodies & Medicine

Mindcoma drops a new single, ‘Melodies & Medicine’

With the debut album “The Beginning”, Mindcoma presents atmospheric, raw and heartfelt music, filled with genuine emotions. The three band members express a touching sincerity in this album and all the songs tell stories which are sometimes fleet-footed, sometimes pensive. They combine passion and melancholy, lightness and seriousness, giving the album its unmistakable and unique style.

The soulful and earthy voice is complemented and supported by down-to-earth and honest music. Music, that sends the soul on a short trip. Energetic, without losing the archaic power of the rhythm.

The debut album of eleven songs was produced in the Musigstöckli in Lützelflüh, Emmenthal. The album cover depicts the characters of the three band members, each with their own musical idiosyncrasies, complementing each other and finally merging into an harmonious whole.