Milo Evans Jr – BraveHeart (Ways To Go)

Milo Evans Jr - BraveHeart (Ways To Go)

Milo Evans Jr. is back on the scene with a new composition: BraveHeart.

An excellent instrumental piece, taken from the album “Ways To Go.”

July 2020 – Artist, producer, and composer Milo Evans Jr. has been perfecting his own creative blend of influences, with a sound that feels fresh, dynamic and direct. The artist’s music is a perfect bridge between the edge of instrumental hip-hop and the appeal of R&B. Milo Evans Jr. recently hit the mark on his latest release project, Ways To Go.

The album also features a stunning single titled BraveHeart, which is one of the best compositions on the album. This is a huge milestone for the artist, and a testament to his astonishing creativity and production skills. The music has a modern, larger-than-life feel, but it also features many astonishing elements that set the bar higher with every section of the song.

This is highly recommended if you are a fan of great instrumental pieces, or any music that’s made with personality, passion and vision.

Find out more about Milo Evans Jr. and check out BraveHeart, which is currently available on the web.